Category: Web, Tech & Design

  • New Launch: The Gospel Coalition Mobile Site

    I”m excited to announce the launch of the new Gospel Coalition mobile Web site that I was honored to help work on. The mobile site puts the best of their fresh content (blogs, articles, book reviews, videos, etc) at your fingertips. My role was to create the front end code, including HTML, styles, and javascript…

  • Latest Project: The Desiring God App

    One of my final projects at Desiring God was the information architecture and user experience design (interactions, interface layout, etc) of the Desiring God App for iOS. We’re quite pleased with the results.

  • Quick Review: HTML&CSS Design and Build Websites by Jon Duckett

    Last week, I heard about a brand new HTML & CSS book called, appropriately “HTML & CSS“. Preview images teased a gorgeously designed book, so I bought it. I was not disappointed. GET THIS BOOK.

  • Information Architecture of the new Twitter App

    I’m not as harsh a critic as most are being about the new Twitter app. It’s a big change, and most big changes to familiar things bring discomfort. For me the jury is still out on whether the changes are net positive or net negative. I’m trying to get over the change shock. But I…

  • Focus on building a stellar team, not hiring stellar individuals

    There is an important management axiom articulated by Jim Collins in “Good to Great“, when hiring, don’t seek to fill an “empty position” in your organization, seek to hire an exceptional individual (“get them on the bus”).