Advertising Fail

Okay, American Spirit brand Cigarettes…


I’m sorry, I’m all for freedom to destroy your lungs as you choose, but did you not see this one? I mean, seriously…





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  1. Bill Avatar

    That's pretty sad. They're using nearly every eco-feel-good affinity marking technique known (adopt-a-river clean up, foundation for American Indians, "we don't test on animals" (guess that'd be too dangerous–thankfully animals are smart enough to not smoke anyway), food donations, "natural" (is organic lung cancer better than other kinds?), small-local-micro niche, etc. Guess it's working:

    In January 2002, Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company became an independent operating unit of Reynolds American Inc. We continue to operate out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. We have the same dedication, the same employees and the same high quality tobacco products.

  2. Bill Avatar

    (oops: marking = marketing)
    So, do you think it's a coincidence that I'm now getting "stop-smoking" ads after visiting this page, searching for that brand, and visiting the American Spirit cigarettes site? Hmm. Guess it's time for me to visit:… again.

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