Ministry roundtable discussion with Challies, Cosper, Perman, Thacker, and Schumacher

Weeks in to the global coronavirus shutdown, there have been numerous articles, interviews, think pieces, and a ton of speculation. I guess I’m late to the party. :)

I had the opportunity to sit down with five of the smartest people I know and ask them what they were thinking, feeling, reading, and wondering about during this time. We came out with a little over an hour of fascinating (to me) stuff.

Topics ranged from communion to “virtual church”, God’s sovereignty, to lament, economics, to digital privacy and data security. All that and more!

I hope you find it useful.

My guests were:

Jason Thacker – Associate Research Fellow and Creative direct at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Author of “The Age of AI”. You can find more of his work at

Tim Challies – Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Toronto, Ontario. Blogger at, and a speaker and author of multiple books.

Mike Cosper – Pastor at Sojourn Community Church in Louisville, KY. Director of Podcasting for Christianity Today, he’s also an author, speaker, podcaster, musician. Find him at his website (which looks like it needs an update ;-)

Matt Perman – Director of Career Development at The King’s College, NYC, founder of What’s Best Next, and an author of a book by the same title. You can find more about him at

Eric Schumacher – Associate pastor at Grand Avenue Baptist Church, Worship Songwriter, and author of Worthy: Celebrating the Value of Women. His site