Amazon’s download Coup for U2 – No Line On The Horizon

31VOynCTrJL._SL500_AA280_.jpgToday I was pointed at the Amazon Mp3 Download page for U2’s newest: No Line on the Horizon. $3.99!!!! That is an AMAZING price for an album!

It’s an introductory price for the release day. Probably U2 willing to take a bit of an economic hit to post big numbers on the first day. Also likely hoping to entice a few illegal downloaders to cough up $4 to clear their conscience ;-)

Tomorrow the price goes back to the regular $8.99, which is still $1 cheaper than at iTunes. The iTunes download gives you a few extras, and a few people might care about that. But all I can say right now is that if you don’t care about owning the physical album, hurry up and download at Amazon!






5 responses to “Amazon’s download Coup for U2 – No Line On The Horizon”

  1. Tim Borseth Avatar

    Thanks for the lead, Matt. I was downloading a few songs from Amazon a few weeks ago… some goldie oldies by Bob Dylan and Servant.
    By they way, are there any songs on this album I don't need to fill my mind with?

  2. mheerema Avatar

    It's an excellent question, Tim. For the most part I found the songs to be just plain fun, some encouraging, and some challenging. If anything, I'd avoid the music videos, which are mostly a commentary on the modern media onslaught (the good, bad, and ugly… really really good art…)

  3. mheerema Avatar

    I love the whole album. Some of the songs are inspiring, some are challenging, some are just plain fun.

  4. Justin Avatar

    Heh… I totally didn't find out about this till after I had already bought the album on iTunes. :-/

  5. raon Avatar

    Junk album! Not even worth $3.99. Absolute garbage. U2 is finished if this is the best they can produce.

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