So I wrote a book…

Well, co-wrote. That’s a different animal.

Foundation FireworksI’m pretty excited about Foundation Fireworks CS4 by Grant Hinkson, Craig Erskine, Chuck Mallott, Matthew Keefe, Hugh Griffith, and Myself.

I have been using Fireworks my entire career as a Web designer. It is by far my design tool of choice. I’ve followed it from it’s earliest versions through nearly every major revision and currently love CS4. Foundation Fireworks CS4 was written with the intention of helping those unfamiliar with the software to become acquainted with the workflow and breadth of features available in the software. It is an excellent guide if you are familiar with Photoshop and are considering moving over.





5 responses to “So I wrote a book…”

  1. Mike Anderson Avatar

    Congrats Bro. Is there a PDF available?

  2. mheerema Avatar

    You can download the ebook here:… It's also available in Kindle format :)

  3. Justin Thorp Avatar
    Justin Thorp

    Congrats dude.

  4. Holly Anderson Avatar
    Holly Anderson

    Rock ON! If I get a copy, will you autograph it for me?

  5. mheerema Avatar

    Yes, but only because it will inflate my ego.

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