Browser Support

So, which browsers should one code for when making Web sites? Well, there is some general wisdom that should be stated first:

The answers will vary depending on a) a site�s users, b) what you�re trying to accomplish, c) budget and time contraints, and d) personal philosophy.

This is taken from A great blog by Dave Shea on browser support in 2004. Some other highlights:

Observed: IE5 users are dropping, as they switch to IE6. NN4 is history. (MSIE1.x is reportedly being used by almost as many as NN4, but this is an anomaly). IE dominates, and while the browser eco-system is getting interesting again, the numbers are still heavily skewed in favour of Microsoft�s dormant flagship.

Read the article for some great suggestions on which browsers to support, and which to not support.






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