Making MySpace Beautiful.

I hate MySpace. It is programmed in .NET, is buggy, full of annoying ads, and is EXTREMELY ugly. However, it is an amazing social phenomenon. 50 million users. Wow. Insane. Amazing.

Mike Davidson has managed to take away the EXTREMELY ugly piece. Check out how. I would bow before this greatness, but that would be… bad. I think…






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  1. Ben Avatar

    Make I need a simple mp3 file of my voice pasted into myspace so when women go to my page it automatically runs. I use the top online service in the world I simply record the audio in my professional audio studio and make it into a mp3 file. Then I browse for it with audiogenerator they generate the code for my webmasters and simple copy/paste onto any of the dozens of websites I have. The code is below. I copied this into the area of myspace where you can put video and audio code and I’ll see is the actual code no audio button.

    For a few bucks can you help me out with this please.

    Passionate Ben :)

    PS. I used to live in Mankato, MN went to college there not to far from you.

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