I redesigned!

Welcome to mattheerema.com version 5 (an arbitrary version declaration. I have long since lost track of design iterations, so I decided on 5.). I’m calling it “still waters”.

Last month I posted about a design I had lingering around that I wanted to make into a real live site someday. A few weeks later, I canceled my WoW account. A few days later, I had the site prototyped and WordPress theme built. I’ve been waiting for a chance to write some permanent page content and an introductory post ever since.

Along with the redesign comes some restructuring of the content and theme. I have changed the way the archives work in hopes of longer-term intelligibility and I will likely be broadening the topics covered here in from simply Web design related matters, though that will continue to comprise the bulk of the posts for the time being. I am conceiving of this site as more a personality site now, combining my various “worlds”, music, religion, spirituality, theology, social networking, design, the Web (in general) and anything else that strikes my fancy or is important. I promise it won’t be too great a diversion from the current theme (for now).

As with everything I’ve ever done on this site and my other personal sites, this will likely remain under construction for a long time, so apologies for the mess. This new design will give me greater freedom to expand and evolve in a coherent fashion.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!






6 responses to “I redesigned!”

  1. Gerasimos Avatar

    Nice template Matt.!

  2. Victor Agreda Jr Avatar

    I like the old-school pic on the right!

  3. Ryan Avatar

    Looks good man. I like the things are more structured and open ended towards growth.

  4. Jose Andrade Avatar

    Wow you are talented Matt!… you should share some of your knowledge. How about a design tutorial?? :)

  5. mukul awasthi Avatar

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  6. Professional Website Templates Avatar

    Your links are no longer available… Can you repost?


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