Five Things You Should Stop Doing

Great post on the Harvard Business Review about Five Things You Should Stop Doing in 2012. I think you should stop doing them immediately.

1. Responding Like A Trained Monkey – (compulsively checking your email)

2. Mindless Traditions – Slavery to unnecessary tasks for the task’s sake. (Though I think some traditions are worth keeping, in a thoughtful way.)

3. Reading Annoying Things – (Like this blog…)

4. Work That’s Not Worth It. – Fire some of your clients, be selective in choosing new ones.

5. Making Things More Complicated Than They Should Be. – Her definition of “more complicated than they should be” smacks of a type of pragmatism I’m not fond of, one which often stifles innovation. I agree with the sentiment though.

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    I just found this yesterday – “30 Things You Should Stop Doing to Yourself.” Also a good “what not to do” list, especially during the holidays and periods of reflection!

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