Don Carson – A Light Introduction to Biblical Interpretation

In 2008, Don Carson, regarded by many as one of the foremost New Testament theologians in the world (and also one of my personal favorites) gave a four part lecture, introducing principles of Biblical Interpretation. This is a “light introductory” course, but I’m pretty sure it will blow your mind if you haven’t had any theological training.

The way we interpret the scriptures is absolutely critical to our growth in the faith. God has revealed himself to us in the written word, and in order to know Him, we need to know what He has told us about himself. This series of lectures is extremely helpful toward that end.

Thanks to The Gospel Coalition for posting these. They are an organization worthy of your support.

You can download the audio here:

Exegetcial FalaciesHe has written several books on the subject as well. I have read his book “Exegetical Fallacies” and found it to be extremely helpful.


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