Shepherd-sheep, Teacher-student

shepherd and his sheep

As a shepherd of God’s people, my job is to lead people to The Shepherd, Jesus. Because I need Him as much as (maybe more than) everyone. My job in saying “follow me” is not that you would model my good behavior, but my admission that I am in need if Grace, which He freely offers. I have been gifted and trained to point the way, not be the way.

My job as a teacher of the Scripture is to say, “This is what it means. join me in striving to live by it”, not, “I have this figured out. You people need to get with the program.” I have been gifted and trained to (fallibly) understand and explain the scriptures. I have not been gifted with extraordinary ability to obey.

I am a shepherd/sheep. A teacher/student. Sadly, there are times that I forget this, and fancy myself some sort of life-coach, guru, or religious entrepreneur.