Great New Kids Book: The Radical Book for Kids

radical-book-for-kidsthumbnailfinalReading is a big deal in my family. Trying to keep my 10 year old “in books” is worse that trying to keep her in shoes or clothes (which she outgrows at a rapid pace). We’re regular patrons at our local library, and probably a decent percentage of it’s monthly revenue (in late fees.)

I’m always on the lookout for great books for gifts, to help my kids grow in their love of reading, art, science, theology, and mostly, Jesus. (The last two are not as distinct as you might think.) New Growth Press has a number of excellent resources along this line, and they just released a new one.

The Radical Book For Kids is going to be the latest edition to our library. Don’t tell the girls, because that will spoil a Christmas present for them :)

The book is a visually rich, and thematically diverse, encyclopedia to the Bible. With fun activities and trivia that will keep my kids engaged (and probably yours, too.) I think this will inspire curiosity about, exploration of, and appreciation for, The Bible.

I can see it serving as a good source for Sunday School activities, and spice for family devotions, especially with young children.

I’m very excited for this book!