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  • Some Cool New Web Tools

    Last week’s rant about professionalism in Web design was supposed to be a short intro to this post. Basically my point was going to be that the profession of Web design and development has leveled up many times over the last decade, and it looks like some great industry standard practices are starting to settle…

  • New Launch: The Gospel Coalition Mobile Site

    I”m excited to announce the launch of the new Gospel Coalition mobile Web site that I was honored to help work on. The mobile site puts the best of their fresh content (blogs, articles, book reviews, videos, etc) at your fingertips. My role was to create the front end code, including HTML, styles, and javascript…

  • Exactly WHY are Frames bad?

    I was recently asked why exactly it is that one should not use a frameset for a Web site. A frames based page is something I’ve always sort of recognized as a bad thing, but have never had to verbalize or support objectively before; until now.