Tag: identity

  • ComplaintWorthy

    I was approached by a local development company Big Creek Software to design a UI and marketing site for their new Web app: ComplaintWorthy. My involvement: Logo (in collaboration with Dan Shea), Graphic Design, XHTML, CSS

  • Weblogs Inc: Style*Dash

    This is the second site I’ve designed for Weblogs Inc. Style*Dash is a blog dedicated to the fashion world: trends, celebrities, clothing, accessories. My inolvement: Graphic Design (including logo), initial xhtml/css template.

  • Weblogs Inc.: That’s Fit

    It’s been a busy month for me. I created this blog design for Weblogs Inc. (A subsidiary of AOL, they created Engadget, and a few other sites you’ve heard of.). The blog is all about healthy living, eating, wellness, fitness, etc. We were going for a clean, pure, organic, healthy feel with the site. Special…

  • Peeps.com Teaser Page

    A graphic design and XHTML/CSS template for peeps.com, a new startup that hopes to become the next MySpace. A logo was created to be attention getting, poppy, urban and Web 2.0-ish.

  • The Ezekiel Project

    I created the brand identity for The Ezekiel Project (aka, Z37) to be used in all promotional efforts for the project including print items and the Z37 Web site. Z37 Takes it’s name from Ezekiel 37: 1-14 “The Valley of Dry Bones” prophecy. Take a look….