Tag: JavaScript

  • Book Giveaway and Quick Review: JavaScript and jQuery by Jon Duckett

    A few years ago I posted about the most beautiful primer on HTML and CSS available. I have recommended this book countless times and have given several copies away. I had heard shortly after that the author was working on a followup about JavaScript and jQuery. It’s finally here! I was given a review copy…

  • New Launch: The Gospel Coalition Mobile Site

    I”m excited to announce the launch of the new Gospel Coalition mobile Web site that I was honored to help work on. The mobile site puts the best of their fresh content (blogs, articles, book reviews, videos, etc) at your fingertips. My role was to create the front end code, including HTML, styles, and javascript…

  • Interesting Web Citings for January 25th

    Sites and articles that I found very interesting today… Tabbed Content Rotator Using jQueryNice tutorial on how to build something I'm going to need to build soon using jQuery and jQuery UI.

  • Interesting Web Citings for January 11th

    Sites and articles that I found very interesting today… Video: An Intensive Exploration of jQueryBen Nadel put together an excellent video that, as the title implies, gives an intensive exploration of the functionality of jQuery. This (and docs.jquery.com) is how I learned to use jQuery.

  • Mid-April Design Linkage

    In addition to all the GTD links, there were some excellent Web design links. Here are some of the best (IMO) Getting Creative with Web transparency – rounds up some good cross-browser PNG transparency techniques 60 More AJAX and JavaScript Solutions for Professional Coding – I’m becoming a jQuery or custom-only guy, but there are…