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  • Unintended Consequences of Digital vs. Paper Books in Research

    I love ebooks. The functionality of full text search, copy/paste/highlight/etc, social sharing, auto-generated highlights indexes, the space savings, all work together to make it a functionally superior format for reading an individual book, but I noticed something important last night while doing some research for a paper.

  • Interesting Web Citings for April 2nd

    Sites and articles that I found very interesting today… Things are not what they seem – Gender RolesGreat review of "The Sexual Paradox" by Susan Pinker. Why do we speak in terms of "women can do exactly what men can do" as if men are the standard? Perhaps women have different preferences for roles based…

  • Interesting Web Citings for March 24th

    Sites and articles that I found very interesting today… HTML5 & CSS3 ChecklistHandy little compatibility chart. iPad User Experience Guidelines | UX MagazineMy favorite: "Rethink Your Lists" – Consider a more real-world vision of your application. For example, on iPhone, Contacts is a streamlined list, but on iPad, Contacts is an address book with a…