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  • God desires all to be saved, yet saves only some.

    The question of election (God’s sovereign choice to save some), and especially reprobation (the corresponding consequential responsibility for effectively choosing to damn others) is a difficult position. Especially as some would argue that you cannot hold this position and believe that God honestly desires all men to repent and be saved. (As 1 Timothy 2:4,…

  • What is Hebrews 6 saying?

    We are currently walking through the letter to the Hebrews at Stonebrook. This last Sunday, Brad spoke on Hebrews 6. Every week he publishes discussion questions for our small groups for further study and discussion. I thought this week’s questions would make a great study.

  • The Lamb’s Book of Life

    In Brad’s sermon on Hebrews 1:1-4 this last Sunday at Stonebrook Church, he started off by reading Revelation 20:11-15, in order to help us understand God as a sovereign judge, which is probably the closest thing we in America experience in terms of absolute authority. Reading this text blew my mind and sent me on…