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  • The Rise of Developeronomics

    According to Venkatesh Rao in Forbes Magazine: Software Developers are the new precious metals. Venkatesh has a pretty bleak (realistic?) outlook on the global economy, and he is suggesting that everyone who is able should invest in a quality software developer.

  • Logos 4 for Mac Gets a Ship Date!

    Nearly every profession has their industry-standard software package.  For designers and Web developers, it is Adobe Creative Suite. For music producers, it is ProTools. For theology geeks, it is Logos. (It gets really expensive when you are a musician, designer, and theology nerd!) Logos 4 for Mac has been in public alpha for quite awhile…

  • Interesting Web Cites for June 4th through June 5th

    These are my links for June 4th through June 5th: Spyder II GX Laser – WANT. Plus, check out the link to the best product review video EVER. John Mayer – California Dreaming – Tonight Show 6/4/09 – Man… he's good. Google Chrome for Mac – Developer Preview – FINALLY! Six Ways that Google Wave…

  • Interesting Web Cites for May 28th

    Sites and articles that I found very interesting today… Hulu Desktop – Bye bye traditional television. Also, I don't need a Tivo now. Sweeeeeeeet. Galley Gossip: Cell phones on the airplane – Informal poll right now stands at 80% of Gadling.com readers never wanting in-flight cell phone usage allowed, EVER. I'm one of them.