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  • Interesting Web Cites for June 4th through June 5th

    These are my links for June 4th through June 5th: Spyder II GX Laser – WANT. Plus, check out the link to the best product review video EVER. John Mayer – California Dreaming – Tonight Show 6/4/09 – Man… he's good. Google Chrome for Mac – Developer Preview – FINALLY! Six Ways that Google Wave…

  • Interesting Web Cites for May 29th

    Sites and articles that I found very interesting today… Anxiety – Lightweight To-do Management – Not a new thing, but new to me. Great lightweight Mac task management app that integrates with Mail and iCal jQuery Performance Rules – Best Practices for Speeding Up jQuery – Great tips by a coworker, Dave Artz

  • Coda Clips

    Rogie King tweeted this awesome resource earlier today. I am a huge Coda fan. HTML/CSS/JavaScript/PHP IDE, Terminal, FTP, Site Management, and resources in one great package. One of the cooler features is it’s one-click code clips. I’ve always wanted more, but never bother to create them. Enter Coda Clips. Find and install (with a click!)…