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  • How to Make Your Work Last Forever

    I had a guest post at Blue Letter Bible over the weekend: How to Make Your Work Last Forever.  The post is about some recently realizations I’ve had on what the Bible actually says about our work and how some of it will survive into the new Earth! It’s all about building with gold, silver,…

  • A Biblical View of Work and Vocation

    Last weekend I gave a seminar at our church association’s annual national conference on “Work and Worship: How The Gospel Affects Our Work.” It was similar to my previous two messages, with a few nuances. Listen to it here. The manuscript follows.

  • A Default Positive View of Technology

    I love gadgets. Always have. On hand, I typically have one of the newest computers from Apple, an iPad, and an iPhone, and a number of other cool tools: a Dot Grid journal, the perfect pen, the best mouse, a good flashlight, a nice bag to carry them all in. The design of all this…

  • Jay Younts from Shepherd Press Interviews Matt about Honoring God in the Internet World

    Last week, Jay Younts asked me to be a pinch hitter guest on his radio show.  We had a great chat about the Internet and it’s use for God’s mission, some notes on the theology of vocation, a bit on the importance of excellence and usability in Web design. We even get a bit into…

  • Matt Perman on the Theology of Work

    My friend and colleague Matt Perman was interviewed by Collin Hansen for The Gospel Coalition on the doctrine of vocation. On the off chance that you read this blog and not the