The Godbit Project

The Godbit ProjectI was recently pointed to the Godbit project by my Bloglines notifier (;-)). I’m glad I went. Created by Nathan Smith of SonSpring (a part of the 9rules network)**. Godbit has a mission that I can get on board with heart and soul:

The purpose of this site is to help the Church catch up with the rest of the world in adherance to standards given by the World Wide Web Consortium, the governing body of best-practices on the Internet. The majority of Christian web design agencies are using outmoded methods of coding to create websites that the rest of the world would scoff at. Basically, they are stuck in the 1990’s.

So I got on board. Nathan is graciously posting my article on Why Framesets are Bad there, and is allowing me to be a regular contributer. I hope to help Godbit in working towards its mission. Thanks Nathan!

**penalty: 15 yards for excessive name-dropping.






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