Liveblogging: AEA: Pre-game.

7:51am – After a rather pleasant train ride through the suburbs into the city, I am sitting in a Starbuck’s in the downtown Marriot drinking a $4 hot milk drink (with a little caramel and espresso flavoring. (a.k.a., the Caramel “Macchiato” which isn’t actually a Macchiato and is barely caramel…).

It was amazing to see the very evident urban decay that seemed to evolve before my eyes staring out the window of the comfortable commuter train. I will walk past two dozen or so more homeless people on my way to the conference, toting a few thousand dollars of technology on my back and a warm milk drink in hand.

Really makes one think about what’s important in life.

8:20am – now sitting in the conference room of the Franklin Institute, sitting just feet away from several high profile Web gurus and celebrities. It’s a strange feeling. Kinda like when you first tell your girlfriend that you “do Web design” for a living, only, stranger. (Translation, I’m a huge geek. So are these guys.).

I got some good shots of very historical buildings on the way here. Hopefully I didn’t look like too much of a tourist, even though that is exactly what I am. Hopefully I’ll be able to post them later on.

Eagerly awaiting the first session. I have almost completely forgotten the dozen or so homeless people I walked past and ignored (out of fear for safety, rather than some inherent selfishness… I think…) on the way here.

Soon I will be too engrossed in the sessions to remember to blog. That and I don’t have 1) an outlet and 2) a spare battery.

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  1. Pat Avatar

    If she’s already your girlfriend, shouldn’t she know what you “do” for a living?

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