Liveblogging: AEA: Round 1

9:00 – Zeldman – Intro, overview, formalities.

We are in the middle of a revolution in information transfer; the first since the advent of movable type (Gutenburg’s, not Six Apart’s); the first revolution in the way information is transmitted in 500 years. We are here today to rethink what we do and understand its importance.

9:24 – Eric Meyer

IE 7 is coming up. Essentially it will probably not break your Web sites ☺

9:54 – Zeldman Textism Web. Wise. Words.

Your site has words on it. They probably aren’t working as hard as they can. Typography and layout affect the usability if your information. Words are the primary user interface of your Web site. Language is what conveys your information, not the technology.

When people use your Web site, they are in interactive “find mode”. They do not read your site, they scan it. Proper chunking, labeling, headings, margins, white space, leading, measure, and even the design of your URLs can greatly affect whether your information or product or brand is communicated.

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