Liveblogging: AEA – Lunch Break!

This last session was fairly amazing, though there isn’t much to sum up here. This is what I came to the conference for, to watch Jason Santa Maria and Eric Meyer walk through their design and development process. There weren’t a whole lot of notes to take. It’s something you have to see in person, which is why these conferences cost so much.

(By the way, I found an outlet. They hooked power strips up all over the room. The biggest problem has been the extremely flakey WiFi here. I imagine they don’t have 100 uber Web geeks in one room here every day.)

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3 responses to “Liveblogging: AEA – Lunch Break!”

  1. Jeff Louella Avatar

    Overall I think it went great. I too liked the Jason & Eric dissection of An Event Apart.

  2. Custom Web Design Avatar

    Yes, I’m agree with You.You are right.

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