I Heart Dreamhost

My Web host: Dreamhost just quadrupled my server space. Actually they just quadrupled ALL of their clients’ server space.

I now have 20 GIGS of server space on my hosting account (I have the smallest plan).

They also OCTUPLED my bandwidth!!!!

I have 1 Terabyte a month bandwidth.

I’m floored.

Thank you Dreamhost.

Also, the ONE complaint I had with this server was that the ability to customize your DNS entries was extremely difficult (requiring a conversation with tech support). Well apparently they thought it was too difficult too, because they just gave clients the ability to modify their own DNS entries.

I recommend Dreamhost. Not because they give me great referal bonuses, but because they are a great value for a great service., the best I’ve seen out there.

Sign up for a Dreamhost account.

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