Launch! Launch! Launch!

Life has been crazy recently.

Farrell Growth Group
Elk Run Condominiums
Matt and Nancy Heerema v.4
Friedens Evangelical Church

And last but not least…

Iowa State University Extension

All launched this last month. The top four all solely my work. Extension was a several month (year?) process with a great team. Great for business, hard on the back. I’m kind of burnt out, and in sore need of a vacation. A business trip to Florida next week is as close as I’ll get, but a few extra days on the beach taken on the tail end is going to be muchly appreciated. I am speaking at three sessions of the National Extension Technology Conference. One on WCAG 2.0, and two on CSS redesigns (“markovers”), and the benefits of standards-based design. (Yes, we’re a few years behind here…)

I’ll write up a little more detail about each project for the portfolio section in a bit. But now I am just going to give a deep sigh of relief. I have several more very exciting projects coming up in the next couple of months, can’t wait to tell you about those.

Life is good.






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  1. Mithrill Avatar

    That’s a lot of good work, I like the design of all of those sites. No wonder you are ready for a vacation.
    Best of luck to you at the National Extension Technology Conference.

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