My Iconbuffet Collection

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I love free stuff. I love great design. I love good art. Combine these three things and what do you get? Iconbuffet!!! I am a heavy Iconbuffet trader, and so I thought I’d finally create a page of my Iconbuffet collection. As of this post, I have them all, so if you need anything, and I have deliveries left, feel free to contact me and I’d be happy to send some over.






2 responses to “My Iconbuffet Collection”

  1. Pat Avatar

    Oh, sure. This is supposed to be a web-design blog, but all you do is post referrals to YOUR icons. I bet that’s how you make all your big money.
    This text box is just plain black on a white background, too. Ahh, my eyes hurt – too bright!

  2. Yannick Avatar

    Matt: Man you gobbled up those icons like they were going out of style. I’ll have to look through my collection and send you a list of the one’s i’d like to get.

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