LogoMaid Rips Off Dan Cederholm’s SimpleBits Logo

On the off chance that you read this blog and not John Gruber’s or Dan Cedarholm’s (which I suggest you remedy immediately), it appears that a cheap, stock logo site is ripping off Mr. Cedarholm, and then denying it, even accusing Dan of design theft.

Shame on you.





8 responses to “LogoMaid Rips Off Dan Cederholm’s SimpleBits Logo”

  1. Respiro, the logo design guy Avatar

    I’ll never understand how such conflictual situations born.

    1. First of all, no one can say that he/she never saw the SimpleBits logo. It would be like someone who has a juice factory would launch a product called Coca Cola, claiming that he/she had no idea that such product exists.

    2. What is the logo’s history? In fact, who draw it? There is any copyright document which protects any of these two logos?

    3. Is it possible that anyone could generate such situations hoping that it will work as advertising?



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  4. Michael Avatar

    The logo I think was blatently ripped. People should be more creative and just create something more original.

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