Selectlogo Rips Off Hicksdesign Logo

Well, it appears that Selectlogo is a scam logo agency as well, selling copied logos as originals. The specific logo in question is the Hicksdesign logo.

Selectlogo’s theft.

Hicksdesign original.

What is wrong with you people?






7 responses to “Selectlogo Rips Off Hicksdesign Logo”

  1. John Arnor G. Lom Avatar

    Holy shit! What is the matter with these people?!

  2. Leeds Web Design Avatar

    Yeah, this is sickening.

  3. Adam Mlynarcik Avatar

    Wow, that is something. Good looking out on your part. I am just getting started in design and putting my ideas up makes me nervous.


  4. Michael Avatar

    Wow, I feel unfortunate for those who buy a logo from those guys and then get sued later on. What a rip off of 99 EUR :P

  5. Patrick Loughlin Avatar

    While most design comes from somewhere and is inspired by something, which is fine, you really need to put your own thought into it as well and make changes to express your own style in the design.

  6. George Morris Avatar

    That is pretty blatant. I think the same is true with Budweisers new logo vs Hallmark.

  7. Megan Evans Avatar

    Gracious. Honestly I’m floored by all this rip-offness.

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