Going Internet-only and Making it Free

At the panel discussion I participated in at the NRB Convention, I was asked to explain why Desiring God pulled out broadcasting its radio program to distribute content via the Internet. The debate is still (three years later!) a hot one, and one that was made before my time. So I’ll point you to DG’s formal explanation on our site.

An equally important issue is our decision to offer ALL of our content online, for free, without requiring registration (in a maximally usable interface). Matt Perman has written several excellent articles on the subject, and has turned one of them into an explanatory video.

The articles

* Make it free
* Objections to making it free
* Make it free: a follow up – a good balancing article by Jon Bloom

Watch the video

DG’s Heart in Money and Ministry

Jon Bloom also explains our policy of giving our resources away and charging “Whatever you can afford” for our physical resources (CDs, DVDs, Books, etc.)

* Whatever You can Afford
* The Currency of Christian Hedonism
* Money, Markets, and Ministry: Giving and Selling in the Mission of Desiring God. by John Piper with Jon Bloom





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  1. Eben Fowler Avatar

    As a radio broadcaster, I believe it is urgent that we take what we're providing on the air and use every other medium that's available and practical to leverage the hard work we're already doing. The message of the Gospel is so critical that we must reach everyone we can. We "old school" folks, working shoulder to shoulder with you young(er) folks, can share ideas and help effectively bring the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ to more and more people.

    Thanks for your contribution to the thinking at NRB.

    Eben Fowler
    Director of Operations
    Bott Radio Network

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