Sermon: Wartime Lifestyle – Life on the Battlefront

The following is the manuscript from a sermon I preached on 3/30/2014 at Stonebrook Church. You can listen to the audio at

Ghosts of war - France; The other side

This the second of a three week series on the Christian life and the reality of the spiritual war we are in that we are calling “Wartime Lifestyle”, a phrase coined (I think) by John Piper that has been very helpful to me as in making decisions about how to think about life and how to spend my time and money. It is an intentionally jarring phrase.

If you resolve that you will live a “Wartime lifestyle” you are saying a few powerful things.

You are recognizing that you are in Wartime and not Peacetime. You are saying that conditions are such that require an altered way of conducting your life.

Last week Brad brought out a concept that, when I first heard it years back, changed my life. It snapped me awake. It was one of a handful of foundational concepts in my Christian life. The truth is this:

You are at war, and you have an enemy who hates you and is trying to kill you.

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