The Church and Dating Rules


(Crowd voices: “Oh boy, another post on dating!”)  

I have four daughters (at the time of writing, all under age 8), so this topic feels super relevant for me, and the pace of life is such that I need wisdom on this issue, stat.

By way of preface, my wife and I dated in High School. We probably shouldn’t have. We committed sin together that we have repented of, but that still brings things up in our marriage from time to time. I also brought other baggage from other relationships into the game as well. I can personally attest to the destructiveness of sin in this area to marriages.

But I can also personally attest to the grace and mercy of God and the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit’s work in a believer’s heart and life that has led my wife and I to have a very very happy and successful marriage, despite having it done it “all wrong.” [Continue reading]