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  • I made you a freelancing rate calculator

    I made you a freelancing rate calculator

    I’ve been asked enough times now how to calculate rates for freelance work, that I went ahead and made a little tool for beginning to dial that question in. Enjoy! Simple Freelancing Rate Calculator

  • Shutting Off The E-mail Firehose

    Shutting Off The E-mail Firehose

    The following eight steps will help you overcome e-mail overload. 1. Set up an auto-responder, kindly thanking them for their email, and setting reasonable expectations about a reply timeframe. Thanks for your e-mail. I have received it and will respond as soon as possible.  In an effort to provide better customer service and higher quality…

  • Joy in Bi-vocational Ministry

    Yesterday I wrote a post at, sponsored by MereChurch, on a topic that is exceedingly relevant to my life (and many others, I gather!):  Three Roads to Joy in Bi-vocational Ministry. The three roads are: 1. EMBRACE ALL YOUR VOCATIONS AS FROM AND FOR GOD. Because each of the roles you find yourself right…

  • Notes and Resources for My “Technology and the Glory of God” Seminar at the Faithwalkers Conference

    Today I spoke at the Faithwalkers Midwest Conference on “Technology and the Glory of God”. The following is a compiled list of links and resources for further study and implementation.

  • Four reasons time management is more difficult now than in the past

    I recently saw a comment on a blog post questioning whether our world is so much more complex than it used to be (did our grandparents live in “a simpler time”?), if they actually had less work, or whether there is something wrong with us. Time Management is so much more difficult in our current…