Skin and Bones and Bikes

Today I discovered that there is a bike path that starts basically right in front of my house and goes (more or less) straight to Best Buy. This was a dangerous disocovery. Today it was 80 degrees out so I took my bike down this path and purchased the new Foo Fighters live album, Skin and Bones.

Skin & BonesFlippin’ amazing, but I love the Foo Fighters. I would argue that they are among the best Rock and Roll bands out there today. If you are fan, pick this album up. It’s currently $8 at most reasonable places.

Track Listing:

1. Razor
2. Over and Out
3. Walking After You
4. Marigold
5. My Hero
6. Next Year
7. Another Round
8. Big Me
9. Cold Day In The Sun
10. Skin and Bones
11. February Stars
12. Times Like These
13. Friend of a Friend
14. Best Of You
15. Everlong

15 tracks for $8, beat that!

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5 responses to “Skin and Bones and Bikes”

  1. Will Avatar

    Totally agree, the Foo’s rock! I recently brought all their albums which are fantastic. My Hero has got to be my favourite.

  2. web design mumbai Avatar

    Really i also agree.such a beautiful album

  3. raj4encoders Avatar

    Totally mindblowing!It just rocks.

  4. Amitav Roy Avatar

    yes man they have a very different apprach to the songs and i like that. dam good.

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