Top 10 baby!

As some of you may have heard, site optimization for Google has become a hobby of mine. When I first launched and they sat in obscuredom for a long time. Coming up like 500th on a Google search for ‘Heerema’. I decided this needed to change and so I set out to break the top 20, which happened last month, with an overall goal to break the coveted top 10. The main competition: several multinational corporations named “Heerema” (and references from other Web sites to them), an NHL hockey player named Heerema, the Heerema family geneology site, and several personal web sites.

This week I BROKE THE TOP 10!!!






3 responses to “Top 10 baby!”

  1. Josh Avatar

    How did you do it? How did you break the top 10. I don’t see any Meta Tags on there. Also, with your site content changing all the time I think it would be difficult to maintain.

    By the way, I really like the design of this site.

  2. Matt Avatar


    Google does not read meta tags! Get that :)

    It looks at the content of the site, specifically header tags, and frequency of words. It also pays attention to links and people who link to you (this is a large part of the formula). If there are people out there who link to you using several words (for example: linking to Cramer Dev with the text of the link being “Web Development”, that will increase your ranking for the search term “web” and “development” and “web development”.

    Just a few things :) Thanks for the comment on the site.

  3. Don Lapre Max Avatar

    You broke the top 10,really. But I didn’t heard the sound of breakage. Great work! keep going…

    Don Lapre Max

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