Where do I start with standards???

Dave Shea (the creator of the famous CSS Zen Garden wrote an excellent quick little essay on where to start in learning to design Web sites according to Web standards.

A Roadmap to Standards

If you consider yourself a Web designer, or want to be one, and don’t currently design to W3C standards (or, for that matter, don’t know what they are), you should, for your own personal/professional development, read this and take it to heart.






5 responses to “Where do I start with standards???”

  1. Josh Avatar

    I didn’t know where else to turn with this. I think I may have found the worst website in the world: http://www.iknowyouneedapsychic.com/best/. This was an entry in a worst website competition so I know they were trying to be bad, but they actually did a good job at designing a bad website.

    I think they did everything wrong on this one. Can you give me your expert opinion?

  2. matt Avatar


    Josh, no sorry, can’t give you an opinion, because I tore my eyes out shortly after viewing the site, and my screen reader can’t read anything on there.


  3. Tim Borseth Avatar

    I checked out that website Josh and Matt, and, well, I liked it. It made me laugh. It made me cry. It moved me, Bob.

    Actually, I’m sharing this comment to harass Matt H. everywhere I can until he finished my new website. When that happens, I can blog just like everyone else.

    So there.

  4. Kathy Avatar

    I think what I’ve been wanting to ask you all along, Matt, is this: can I do web design on my ibook?

  5. Matt Avatar

    You certainly can. Dave Shea, the guy I cited in this entry does. You just need to right programs (I’m still searching for the perfect combo…)

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