Design and Format Change

Promises, Promises.

I am working on a new design for this site (so it will finally be an original design). I am also contemplating a slight format change. Due to my desire to get more serious about my content and have more frequent high quality posts on this site, I am going to include two other topics on here than just Web design: Music, and Religion (my two other geek-level interests). I am going to attempt to architect the site such that you can filter out any/all of these topics if you so desire.

There are several goals to this initiative, the first of which is to motivate myself to blog more frequently. This drives and is driven by the other two: increase readership (higher quality content equals more readers, right?), join 9rules. Hopefully these three will also increase the business purposes of this site (propogate my portfolio and obtain more freelance work.)

My fear in this process is that I will scare/bore EVERYONE away. I hope that doesn’t happen.

Anyway, promises on blogs are lame, and I guess I am making no promises, those are just my current goals for the site. Just thought I’d share :)






3 responses to “Design and Format Change”

  1. yannick Avatar

    Hey Matt,

    Looks interesting. Looking forward to seeing it come alive. Are you thinking of joining the CSS Reboot or just doing this outside of that?

  2. Matt Avatar

    I signed up for the CSS Reboot with this site. I’d really like to have it done well before then, but I’m not sure that is realistic. May 1st is definitely a resonable deadline for the redesign though.

  3. yannick Avatar

    Ok cool. I’m supposed to be rebooting as well. All the best. I know you will do a fantastic job.

    Peace and God Bless!

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