Announcing Direct Steps Consulting

Direct Steps Consulting

In the flurry of activity that has been the begining of this year, I have neglected to mention my new Web design business: Direct Steps Consulting.

I have been doing freelance Web design from the very beginning, about seven years ago, really getting serious about it when I graduated college, and just formalizing the business (formerly called Heerema Designs) this last September.

The focus of the  business is “keeping things simple”.  Occum’s Razor being a good business model, and making for brilliant Web presences.

We (I) specialize in UI design and CSS/Web Standards/Accessibliity consulting, but we can operate as an end-to-end Web shop when necessary.  I have some really good connections to some really brilliant programmers and Web hosting setups.  Anything you need or want, I am confident to say, we can get you, at a reasonable price and with reasonable speed.






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  1. Yannick Avatar

    Congrats on your new web design business. May the Lord make you successful and prosperous. In all you do continue to glorify and honour his name.

  2. Wo Avatar

    Nice service I think

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