Microsoft Delays Launch of Vista… Again

“Microsoft Corp. said on Tuesday it plans to delay the consumer launch of its much-anticipated Windows Vista until after this year’s holiday shopping season, sending its shares down nearly 3 percent.”

Surprised?  Me neither.  Man, Microsoft sure does know how to launch a product…

What made me laugh hardest about this whole article though was the “Bells and Whistles” section.

“In addition to beefed-up security, the new Windows offers a new interface with 3-D scrolling between different windows, which can appear translucent to allow users to see the information beneath.

It can also display and record high-definition television on the computer and allows the user to search for content within the PC and across the network.”

Yup, OS X started doing all of that with Tiger… about a year ago.

Nice work Microsoft!






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  1. Eugene Avatar

    Hi, guys! I was looking around for electronics stuff and i saw computers that said “vista capable”. That got me thinking to whether or not my comp is “vista capable”. Can u guys tell me if my HP m7480n comp with an ATI X850xt platinum edition graphics card will run vista. Thank you for any tips.

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