Setting Up a Dreamhost E-mail Account on Microsoft Outlook

This is a quick 5 step tutorial for adding a Dreamhost e-mail account to your Microsoft Outlook. This won’t be very useful for a majority of my readers, but is used as a helpful reference for my customers. Most of them probably could figure this out on their own too, but it’s always helpful to have instructions to make sure you are doing everything properly.

Step 1: Tools menu -> E-mail Accounts

Outlook e-mail setup

Step 2: Select “Add new e-mail account”, click next.

Outlook e-mail setup step 1

Step 3: Select “POP3”, click next.

Outlook e-mail setup step 2

Step 4: Fill in your information, Click “next” (see below for a more info on this screen.)

Outlook e-mail setup step 3

Your Name: What you would like to appear in the “from” field of your e-mails.
Your E-mail address: The e-mail address that you are setting this account up for.
Incoming mail server (POP3): This information will be sent to you. It will be in the format: mail.[]
Outgoing mail server (SMTP): In our case, this is the same as the incoming mail server.
Username: I will provide you with this information. Your username will begin with m and be followed by eight digits (eg, “m99999999”).
Password: I will provide you with this information

Step 5: Click Finish. You’re set!

Outlook e-mail setup step 4






2 responses to “Setting Up a Dreamhost E-mail Account on Microsoft Outlook”

  1. me Avatar

    nice post, but I think the people who really need it, shouldn’t own a powerful dreamhost account with shell access and things.

  2. Matt Avatar

    I can appreciate that. For the most part this is for my clients. I do all of the shell access-y type stuff. This is a reference for them to do that less tech-y admin stuff that goes along with having an E-mail address. :-)

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