Coming Soon: The Rock, Ames, new site.

I am currently in the process of re-designing The design is approaching 4 years old and is outdated in nearly every way except graphically. It’s time for a refresh. I would love your opinion on this new design, I have a few more days of tweaking before I start prototyping it.

I should mention that The Rock is a campus ministry at Iowa State University, connected with Stonebrook Community Church. The primary purpose of this site is to facilitate communication between the Rock and it’s members, the secondary purpose is to showcase/explain what The Rock is to those not familiar with the Rock.

The logo in this comp is a placeholder. A new logo is being designed by Relevant Solutions for us.






3 responses to “Coming Soon: The Rock, Ames, new site.”

  1. Ross Johnson Avatar

    Looks great! Is the Rock somehow releated to the red cross or health? I just associate red cross’ with that sort of subject, but I couldn’t figure it out based on their current site.

  2. Matt Avatar

    Ross, good point. Please see the update above.

  3. niklas Avatar

    nice design!

    perhaps a bit too much motion in the picture box below the menu, kind of distracts you… Also the menus aren’t working, they unfold behind the “picture box”…

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