Pardon My Dust

Well, my last template (the none-more-blacker one) was a failed experiment. It really didn’t look good at all. I’ve been quite fond of the template I created for ever since I launched it, so I thought I’d adapt it for here.

It’ll take me a bit to get everything in line, but it’s already a vast improvement (I think).






4 responses to “Pardon My Dust”

  1. Ross Johnson Avatar

    I actually really liked the old design (not that I don’t like this one too). It struck home with me because it seems as if a lot of people are afraid to use something that is well designed, but is still very minimal and not what I call “flashy clean.”

  2. Matt Heerema Avatar

    Ross, thanks for the comment, nice to hear that someone appreciated it. Not sure I’ve had much positive feedback on that template yet ;)

  3. Ben T Avatar

    The Old had a very sleek and simple though I just don’t care for the whole flow of “content on top links etc on the bottom”. This new one is a little more inviting to read and has well balanced colors

  4. David Russell Avatar

    Matt: Change is almost always good IMO. So it’s cool to see the refresh here. But I did like the old design. Some of the colors could’ve been a tad harsh, but I kind of liked the statement it made. :)

    Still, I can dig on this.

    Is that pink? ;) You da man. :)

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