The Opposite Of Play Is Not Work

I am a Web designer by trade. I’ve been doing it for seven years and have gotten fairly proficient at it. I love doing what I do. It is a very exciting, fast-paced, ever changing, and very influential field. It was a hobby that someobody once started paying me to do. I thought they were crazy. Now it’s how I support my family.

Last week I formally accepted a position with AOL and Weblogs Inc as a Senior Designer. I am extremely excited about the opportunity. It is sort of a dream job. I get to work from home, have a fairly flexible schedule, and work on some pretty high profile projects.

This has several immediate implications:

– I’m leaving my job at the University, which in some ways is hard. My experience there helped me to build the skills that got me this job, and I love the people, but it’s a no-brainer as far as a career move goes.
– I’ll be continuing, but on a limited basis, my consulting work with Direct Steps (basically will be supporting current clientele, and helping to manage a few future projects here and there).
– A lot of my brain space will be freed up, now that I only have one job to worry about, and don’t have to manage new clients or worry about sales.
– I will be leaving GCM Associate staff at the end of this month, but only because I don’t need it anymore. I will continue my current ministry involvement all the same, and still be able to help support The Rock, Stonebrook, etc.

Just thought you’d like to know, in case you hadn’t heard yet :)






4 responses to “The Opposite Of Play Is Not Work”

  1. Jonathan Schultz Avatar

    Well done… sounds a great job hope it goes well for you.

    I like working from home… but you have to find ways to stop the same four walls getting to you.

  2. Tim Bednar Avatar

    Hey congrats!

  3. Yannick Avatar

    Wow! Congrats Matt!

  4. Russ Avatar

    I have been a web site designer for about two years. In the mean time i have learned lots from coding to design. Nowadays i am still not able to find a full time work as that, but your story is inspiring and i know my time will come eventually.
    Grat site by the way.

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