For Sale: Two Nice Computer Monitors

I have two sweet monitors sitting in my basement. My inner geek tells me to keep them, but they are collecting dust and taking up space, and I’m not sure when I’ll ever use them again. They are sweet though.

17″ Flat Screen CRT

  • Model: Gateway EVF720
  • Manufactured: June 2001
  • Got it with Nancy’s “college computer” around 2001ish

19″ Flat Screen CRT

  • Model: Samsung SyncMaster 997DF
  • Manufactured: November 2004
  • Purchased new in early 2005 for $200. Can still find them used online for around $170 (not that I’m suggesting a price)

They are both in great shape. The reason I don’t to get rid of them is because they have great picture and color quality. The reason I am getting rid of them is because I have better equipment (flat panel LCDs that don’t take up as much desk space).

I’ll take (at my discretion), the best offer I get on these, within reason. (read: you probably won’t get these for $1, unless you deserve them).

I’d prefer to sell to someone local (Ames, IA), but we can discuss shipping if you really want.






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  2. Texxs Avatar

    I’ve got almost the opposite problem. I have a beautiful big fat 17″ monitor that I have to replace. The color is great, the brightness is great everything is great . . . except . . . I had my bicycle int he office and it got knocked over and the handle bar hit the back of the computer shearing off the pins that hold the monitors plug into the back of the computer.
    The monior still works but the plug barely stays in. Can’t fix it, have to replace the hole monitor, but certinley don’t want to! I love it!
    Anyway, Love your site! If I was local I’d prbably by the 17″ but I’m not so maybe I can garbage pick one or yard sale one or *gasp* buy a new one.

  3. Donny Avatar

    hey…looking for a whole system…..adobe, flash…the works…seeing if you knew of anything and if so would possibly take the monitors off your hands…

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