Buy My iMac!

I’m consolidating my tech and selling some older stuff off, therefore e-baying my iMac G5. It’s a great machine, but the siren call of the Macbook Pro was too great for me to resist.

I’m selling this puppy with a lot of extras. It’d be a great school machine, and even makes a formidable design/development machine still. Happy bidding!

*update: this has a new happy home.  thanks to all the bidders!*

iMac G5 with lots of extras.






4 responses to “Buy My iMac!”

  1. Zoe Avatar

    Whoa, I see from your listing that you’re in Downers Grove (or at least your item is, so I have to assume you are too). That’s my home town — lived there from the age of 2 until I went away to college. Went to DGN. I still love DG and would move back there if it wasn’t so freaking expensive (I’m trying to convince my parents to swap houses with me). Anyway, enjoy the cicada plague and Heritage Fest!

  2. Web Design Blogger Avatar

    I am very tempted and this is a good price. I have been wanting to purchase my first Mac and maybe this is a good opportunity. Nice blog by the way.

  3. Victor Agreda Jr Avatar
    Victor Agreda Jr

    Doh! Shoulda mentioned the iSight is more valuable if you sell it separately– those have become collector’s items!

  4. Respiro Media Avatar

    I presume that “the stuff” has a new and happy owner… :)

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