Blogging and Twittering

I’m not a good blogger. I have not developed the work flow, process, discipline, whatever, to blog regularly. I need a better method to send posts to WordPress, logging in to the admin panel just doesn’t work for me.

I am however, an obsessive Twitterer. So, I decided that I’m going to update this blog every day with that day’s tweets. Twitter Tools is helping me do this.

We’ll see what happens.






4 responses to “Blogging and Twittering”

  1. Patrick Shaw Avatar

    Matt – I had the same trouble – and found a tool called Windows Live Writer -a free download from Microsoft. It is a local app that lets you write and format blog postings, and then publishes when you’re ready. Bonus that it works with more than one blog account, too.

  2. Matt Avatar

    I’m a Mac-only person here. That won’t help out much, but I appreciate the suggestion!

  3. patrick shaw Avatar
    patrick shaw

    Woops – I probably should have know/guessed/or suggested platform neutral!

  4. New Orleans Web Design Avatar

    Thanks for the Twitter Tools link. I have just began experimenting with Twitter and these tools look like they will make the trials a bit more rewarding.

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