GTD: Discardia, Controlling Cravings, Insomnia, and more

So I’m on my way to becoming a full out Lifehack link blog. Sweet. Maybe someday I’ll get back to writing about Web design. There is much to be said. Until then:

12 Essential Rules to Live More Like a Zen Monk

Living like a Zen Monk is not a big deal for me, however, some of these rules would definitely seem to make for a nicer, more productive life, I think.

Insomnia and Productivity

Turn your insomnia into ultra-productive time. It is easier to get into a state of “flow” (or: hack mode) when no one and nothing is bothering you late at night. I did this for quite awhile about a year ago, out of necessity, not insomnia. Use carefully, however, as it lead to burnout for me.

Interview with Gina Trapani

Some good Q&A with the founder of

10 ways to control your cravings

Tips for overcoming your hunger cravings (and thusly, losing weight, or sticking to diets).


A holiday season for getting rid of stuff. Awesome. I think I will start celebrating it. Some of the more philosophical aspects of it however: guilt, etc, can only be gotten rid of by what we are celebrating in this current season: Easter, and Jesus’ resurrection and victory over death.

Happy Easter, everyone :)





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