Big News Coming Soon (And I’m Still Getting Things Done)

(In case you missed the other big news going on right now: we’re expecting again :) This will be #2 for us. Due in October. We’re very excited and incredibly blessed. We’d appreciate prayers, if you’re the praying type.)

I’ve been pretty quite on the Internets recently. Been “heads-down” on a huge project ever since SXSW. I’ll get to talk about it towards the end of the week :) I can vouch for the absolute productivity boost of remaining off twitter, out of Facebook/other sites, and staying invisible or offline of your IM. I wonder how people used to work in the days before these things…

I’m still continuing to study and practice “getting things done” methodology. Focusing mostly on staying de-cluttered. This has had the effect of vastly freeing up a part of my brain I didn’t know was occupied. Here are some recent good links along that line.

Can Someone Be A Collector and Be Uncluttered?

I am a bit of a collector. Right now, most everything (with a few exceptions) are in boxes. This was inspirational. I’m going to continue to reduce the amount of “stuff” I have, but this gives some great ideas for displaying stuff I can’t let go.

Hacking a Diaper Wallet

Large, cluttered, diaper bags (backpacks) are the bane of my existence right now. This looks great.

Will-power Capacity Can be Increased with Practice

> The brain has a limited capacity for self-regulation, so exerting willpower in one area often leads to backsliding in others. The good news, however, is that practice increases willpower capacity, so that in the long run, buying less now may improve our ability to achieve future goals

How To Save Money Running a Startup

Great article, Jason! Many of these can also be applied to a home office, or, as he mentions, a co-working space.

Offices and The Creativity Zone

Getting into the creativity zone while working in an office (and how hard that is to do.)

New Simplebits office.

Simply, beautiful.





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  2. Kyle S. Avatar

    Congrats Matt!! That’s awesome.

  3. John B. Kendrick Avatar

    Congrats. I have become granddad to four grandchildren in the past three years, a few weeks ago to a grandson, so I know something of your excitement. I will say a prayer for your family. BTW, I have written about my recent experiences with GTD on my blog at that might interest you. God Bless you and the little one on the way. John

  4. Web Design Manchester Avatar

    Congratulations, that’s great news :)

  5. Boyink Avatar

    Congrats! Be forewarned…#2 means Dad gets busy!

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