v.5, someday v.5, someday

Originally uploaded by mushin.

This has been sitting, half finished, for quite some time now. Maybe someday I’ll be able to build it.






7 responses to “ v.5, someday”

  1. Ben Carlson Avatar

    I’ve got one of those “somedays” too, but they usually end up changing before I get around to finishing it anyway, thus becoming a separate “someday” on its own timeframe.

  2. allan branch Avatar

    Its good, I am not a fan of the logo’s reflection. I love dark colored designs.

  3. WalkingBird Avatar

    I like dark sites although sometime they are hard to read. I am not a fan of the reflection. I have a lot of those projects as well i start and i never finish it because i always think i can make it my web site

  4. Джонище Avatar

    Wow! Нормально!

  5. Джонище Avatar

    Очень полезно.

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