Restructuring The Site

A couple weeks ago, I alluded to a new version of this site coming out. Along with the redesign, I’m considering a restructuring of content, from an IA standpoint as well as topic standpoint.

I have four great loves in my life: Jesus, My Wife (and kid (soon to be kids)), Music, and Web Design. I talk about one of these here generally. Occasionally I mention news about my family, and I have a religion category that I’ve posted to exactly three times.

The new site would roll all of these topics (likely with the emphasis continuing to be the Web industry) into one blog.

I’m thinking the changes would be that I’d start posting music reviews, news about my band (and music we’re putting out) thoughts about being a husband and father, and the occasional theological topic.

Would you stop reading if I posted about Jesus from time to time? Music? My family? I promise this won’t become a “baby blog.” I’m just thinking about combining my “lives” here. We’ll see where it leads.

I promise to have easily accessible feeds for each topic so you can filter if you’d like ;-)





3 responses to “Restructuring The Site”

  1. Silus Grok Avatar

    I’m a religious man, myself, and so I don’t think I’ll mind god talk.

    : )

    I think that there are plenty of ways to diversify content without sacrificing an otherwise projects-based blog. And I imagine you’re up for the challenge.

  2. Matt Avatar

    It wouldn’t bother me if you combined everything into this site. I’m a religious man as well. Offering different feeds should satisfy everyone. This is your blog after all.

  3. Pedja Avatar

    Go for it, there are a loot of web blogs of such kind

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