Dreamhost Destroyed my Site

After seven, long, happy years as a Dreamhost customer, the last straw has been added to the pile. A fileserver apparently crashed, losing all of my current data, along with my archived data. Fortunately, this did not include my MySQL databases, so all of my text content is intact, but does include all other files: layouts, designs, css, javascript, templates, and photos.

As such, this blog is looking a little… sparse.

It does give me an interesting opportunity to “reboot” mattheerema.com; rethinking it’s purpose in the universe, which I will be taking some time to do over the coming weeks. Hopefully something cool will result on the other side.

Thanks for bearing with me in the meantime.






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  1. Tim Challies Avatar

    Ouch. It's been my experience that almost every host eventually outgrows its customer service. For a while (even 7 years) things are great. But sooner or later they get too big in a business where margins are too small. The first thing to go is customer service. And then, I guess, some of their servers…

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